Tabs sends email alerts for new Toronto city council/committee agenda items

If you find yourself often running the same searches on TMMIS, Tabs Toronto might save you some time.

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Tabs Toronto is inspired by a project of the same name which ran from 2012-2018, created by Bill Cowen, Christian Muise, Jayme Turney and others. This original project won first place after being initiated at a hackathon hosted by Random Hacks of Kindness Toronto (RHoKTO) in December 2012. It was later lovingly incubated by the now defunct Toronto Public Space Initiative.


What does Tabs do?

  1. You give it your email address and the search terms you care about.
  2. Every night it emails you any new City of Toronto council or committee items which match the search term.

Is this free to use?

Yes, and hopefully it'll always be free. (If you'd like to provide financial support, please get in touch.)

How can I help?

Please fill in our user survey!

Who made this?

Gabe Sawhney, With support from others at Civic Tech Toronto hacknights.

Is it open source?